The outbreak of public health incidents at the beginning of the year caused turbulence in the capital market. And the “worst” group in the entire market is China Prospective. Since the self-explosive financial frauds such as Ruixing Coffee (LK.US), China Prospects has fallen into a crisis of trust. With the continued fermentation of the trust crisis and other gaming factors, […]

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Most Chinese stocks closed down on Monday. The US stock market rose sharply on the day, and the Dow rose nearly 600 points by the close. The intraday Nasdaq turned down once, as the number of new crown cases in the United States continued to surge, triggering concerns about the economic reopening and recovery. Among the popular Chinese stocks: Among

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Scott Wren, senior global stock market strategist at Wells Fargo, said: “This process of restarting the economy is very important. We need to see increased consumer confidence, because if all of us are still sitting at home in September or October Going out, fearing that you will be infected with the virus when you go out, the stock market will

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As of the opening, the Dow rose 218.76 points to 26243.72 points, an increase of 0.84%; the Nasdaq rose 71.74 points to 10128.21 points, an increase of 0.71%; S&P 500 The index rose 24.43 points to 3142.29 points, an increase of 0.78%. European stocks rose across the board, thanks to better-than-expected Eurozone PMI data, the European Stoxx 600 index rose

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Zhitong Finance APP was informed that the market was worried about the rise of US health events. The Dow once fell nearly 200 points after opening lower on Monday. Airline and banking stocks weakened, and the mid-point turned to rise. The Nasdaq set a record high in history. As of the close, the Dow rose 153.50 points or 0.59% to

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“this time Rui Xing The incident and several Chinese stock companies that emerged in the previous stage were found to be short, revealing that our accounting, auditing, and transparency requirements are still far from international. Zhou Xiaochuan, president of the Chinese Finance Association and former governor of the People’s Bank of China, said in a video connection, “Some people have

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Original title: Perspective of stocks: 58 The same city GEM registration system reform announced the first day of privatization With whom the tenth encounter short selling in the school year! source: Oriental Fortune Research center Learn about China Prospect Stock, start here! Orient Fortune Daily collates information about Chinese stocks in popular listed companies, Chinese stocks return, performance reports, etc.

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Global macro U.S. stock futures fell, European stocks continued to fall The U.S. stock market’s pre-market index was lower, while the Dow futures and the S&P 500 futures index fell more than 1% at a time. The panic index continued to rise. European stock markets continued to fall, the German DAX index fell more than 2%, the British FTSE 100

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Original title: The Dow rose over 300 points and returned to 26000 points! U.S. stocks rose, Ruixing surged nearly 11% Source: Tencent Securities Tencent Securities, June 3, US stocks opened higher across the board on Wednesday, as the number of ADP employment in the United States decreased by 2.76 million in May, far better than expected, and the market remained

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Zhitong Finance APP was informed that, on May 29, in response to the report that “false transactions have been involved before the IPO”, Ruixing Coffee (LK.US) responded: “The special committee of Ruixing Coffee ’s Board of Directors is continuing to promote internal investigations. It is evaluating the impact of financial fraud on the company ’s previously released quarterly financial report,

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Zhitong Finance APP was informed that on Tuesday, many European countries accelerated the lifting of the blockade measures, plus the good news of vaccine research and development, stimulating the Dow intraday return to 25,000 points and the S & P 500 index opened to recover 3000 points, US stocks collectively closed higher. As of the close, the S & P

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NEW YORK (BLOOMBERG) – Luckin Coffee Inc received a delisting notice from Nasdaq, another blow to the once fast-growing Chinese start-up that’s now grappling with a deepening financial scandal. The US exchange cited concerns over Luckin’s fabricated transactions and the company’s past failure to publicly disclose material information, Luckin said in a regulatory filing on Tuesday (May 19). It will

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Nasdaq has proposed new rules to make it more difficult for some Chinese firms to list on its stock exchange. Its proposals would mean companies from certain nations would have to raise at least $25m (£14.4m) or a quarter of their post-listing valuation to list. Tougher accounting rules will also apply for listings, which are called Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

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On April 22, EST, Jay Clayton, chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), said in an interview with the media that because of information disclosure issues, he reminded investors not to change their positions when adjusting positions recently. Funds are invested in the stocks of Chinese companies listed in the United States. The day before, Clayton and William

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Taking advantage of the short video Dongfeng’s “Venture Capital Red”, Ye Dongdong, a partner at Angel Bay Ventures, once said on Douyin: Lucky (LK.US) Listing is a staged success of capital will, and it is far from achieving the success of business entrepreneurship. Ruixing chooses benchmarkStarbucks (SBUX.US) It’s a blind eye. What kind of stories the company will tell in

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On the evening of April 2nd, Beijing time, Ruixing Coffee, which was listed on the other side of the ocean, exposed the scandal that it had inflated its revenue by 2.2 billion yuan. Ruixing’s stock price plunged three-quarters that day. As of Friday, April 3, Ruixing Coffee had only one-tenth of the market value from the last high of $

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