U.S. Stocks in the Financial Sector News July 1, Beijing time Ruixing Coffee Announced the completion of the internal investigation. The Special Committee found that transaction fraud began in April 2019. The board of Ruixing Coffee decided to require Lu Zhengyao to resign as director and chairman. At the same time, the board fired former CEO Qian Zhiya and Asian […]

The rise of retail trading represents a shift in the stock market. Stocks such as Hertz ( NYSE: HTZ ), Luckin Coffee (NASDAQ: LK) and Draft Kings ( NASDAQ: DKNG ) have exploded in the retail trading community. With a large amount of market volatility in 2020, many investors have been drawn into trading. Meet Austin Hankwitz, one of the

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On Tuesday, EDT, the three major US stock indexes closed up, the Dow rose more than 2%, as of the close, the Dow rose 2.17%, the 25,000 point integer lost and lost, the Nasdaq rose 0.17%, S & P 500 The index rose 1.23%. On Tuesday, EDT, the three major US stock indexes closed up, the Dow rose more than

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Sina Technology News Early morning news on May 21st, Beijing time, Rui Xing Coffee resumed trading on Wednesday and suffered a new round of selling. In pre-market trading, Ruixing Coffee once fell more than 50%. As of the close, Ruixing Coffee’s share price reported US $ 2.82, a drop of 35.76%. Before Nasdaq Regarding Ruixing’s delisting notice, Nasdaq said on

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News on May 20th, Beijing time, the Nasdaq exchange announced Ruixing Coffee Trading will resume on May 20 local time. The exchange issued a delisting notice to the company a few days ago. Ruixing Coffee stocks will resume trading at 7 am EST on May 20th (19:00 Beijing time on May 20th). After the company launched an investigation and apologized

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The Nasdaq says trading in Luckin Coffee (NASDAQ:LK) will resume tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. ET to end the trading halt that began on April 7. The exchange began the process to delist shares earlier today, but for the interim shares will swap hands again. It seems like a safe bet that the Chinese coffee company could see heavy selling pressure.

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Original title: Ruixing coffee is cold! Nasdaq issues delisting order Securities Times reporter Sun Yahua Ruixing Coffee has made new progress in financial fraud. On May 19, Ruixing Coffee announced that it had received a written notice from the listing qualification department of the NASDAQ Stock Market Company on the 15th that the department had decided to delist Ruixing Coffee

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MW Luckin Coffee to resume trading Wednesday, as company receives delisting notice Luckin Coffee Inc. (LK) is scheduled to resume trading Wednesday, Nasdaq Inc. said late Tuesday. Nasdaq halted trading of the company’s stock April 7. Luckin Coffee received a delisting notice from the Nasdaq May 15 (http://www.marketwatch.com/story/luckin-coffee-gets-delisting-notice-from-nasdaq-2020-05-19) because of “public interest concerns” related to “fabricated” transactions disclosed by the

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Text | Yang Wanli China coffee industry star company,Starbucks Competitors– Ruixing Coffee A turning point is about to usher. According to Standards News, Reuters reported that the Nasdaq Exchange informed Ruixing that coffee must be delisted. According to public information, the SEC’s Listing Qualifications Committee made the delisting decision for two reasons: (1) According to the Nasdaq Stock Exchange Listing

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Beijing May 13th news, China’s crowdsourced logistics service platform Dada Nexus Ltd. Has applied to go public in the US, may become Ruixing Coffee After the financial fraud scandal, the second large Chinese company’s IPO in the United States. According to people familiar with the matter, the listing may raise about US $ 500 million, making it one of the

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On April 10th, according to foreign media reports, the US law firm Labaton Sucharow, which focuses on investor rights, recently announced that it will represent shareholders against Ruixing Coffee (Demand area: 40-150 square meters, 203 shopping malls have been stationed) The company launched a securities claim investigation and encouraged investors who lost more than 250,000 US dollars to contact the

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[ Summary ] The US Law Firm stated that the shareholder accused Ruixing Coffee Suspected of publishing seriously misleading business information to investors. Based on the number of stores and the number of coffee cups sold, Ruixing Coffee is the second largest and fastest growing coffee network in China. Labaton Sucharow said that shareholders accused Ruixing Coffee of allegedly publishing

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No news is probably bad news for Luckin Coffee (NASDAQ: LK ) as the exchange-mandated trading halt on shares remain locked in place. LK last traded yesterday morning at $4.39 vs. the 52-week trading range of $4.27 to $51.38. Previously: Trading halt on Luckin Coffee (April 7)

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China’s Ucar Inc, in which Luckin Coffee Chairman Charles Zhengyao Lu is the biggest shareholder, suspended trading of its shares on Tuesday after regulators questioned the car service provider about how the alleged fraud at Luckin would impact it.Ucar, in which Lu is chairman and CEO, said in a statement late on Monday that the company applied

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