Original title: Luckin Coffee achieved single-store profitability in July. Will it achieve overall profitability in 2021? On August 10, an insider close to Luckin Coffee revealed to multiple media that Luckin Coffee, which was deeply involved in financial fraud on August 8, held the 2020 Mid-Year National Conference. During this meeting, Ruixing internally announced some business conditions: as of July, […]

Original title: American style 5 yuan a cup, Michelle Ice City sells coffee a bit wild It’s not Hey Tea or Naixue. The first domestic milk tea that broke through 10,000 stores is a brand called Michelle Ice City. On June 21, Michelle Ice City put up a banner of “Congratulations to Michelle Ice City’s global stores for breaking through

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Original title: New management under the storm leads Ruixing Coffee’s smooth transition Source: www.capitalweek.com.cn Under the storm, Ruixing Coffee sneaked low-key. On the one hand, new stores are opened almost every day across the country. On the other hand, various new products are also on the market continuously, and new marketing activities are still emerging. After the storm in the

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Original Title: Internet Coffee Faces New Test Compared with Rui Xing, who quickly “run the horse enclosure” with the capital heat wave, Lian Coffee has always adhered to the development idea of ​​”trotting and walking slowly”. But the same coffee chain brands under the Internet model, the two ultimately ended in the same direction: Ruixing Coffee ushered in a crisis

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Original title: Ruixing is officially suspended! When there is no money to burn, where do 4,000 stores go? Source: Starting Point Finance On June 29, Ruixing Coffee was officially suspended! On June 27, Ruixing Coffee issued a suspension statement: it was officially suspended from Nasdaq on June 29 and delisted for the record. More than 4,000 stores across the country

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On June 29, Ruixing Coffee was officially suspended from NASDAQ and delisted for the record. What impact will the delisting have on Ruixing’s business operations? On the 29th, CCTV financial reporters visited many stores of Ruixing Coffee in Beijing. The reporter searched the store with Ruixing App near Beijing International Trade and found that a tea shop located in SOHO,

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CCTV Beijing, June 29 (Reporter Liu Baixuan) According to the report of the Central Broadcasting and Television Economic Voice “World Finance and Economics”, attention has been paid to financial fraud Ruixing Coffee 29th in the United States Nasdaq Suspension of trading, entering the delisting countdown. From the establishment of the company to the initial public offering IPO, Ruixing Coffee took

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Come Source | Securities Daily Reporter | Li Qiaoyu The reporter visited the site and found that from the operational level, Ruixing Coffee did indeed say that the store was still operating normally. Since entering the summer, the new rhythm of Ruixing coffee products has accelerated overall, and there are also promotional messages about new Ruixing coffee products on store

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Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “DT Finance” (ID: DTcaijing), Author: Coffee addictive DT Jun, 36 krypton Released with authorization. tonight, Rui Xing Will be officially delisted. This flamboyant staged capital farce for more than two years seems to end in the end. In May 2019, Ruixing, which was only 18 months old, was listed on

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Original title: Daily Hotspot: Apple bets on China to launch a special edition mobile phone Apple bets on the Chinese market: prepare iPhone 12 special edition price or 3890 yuan In order to increase the overall iPhone shipments this year, Apple will bet on the Chinese market, which will launch a more affordable iPhone 12 version in this very promising

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Source: e company official micro Author: Li Manning, Cao Chen, Li Xuefeng Abstract: Ruixing Coffee’s delisting is about to enter the countdown, but the consequences of the company’s alleged financial fraud are far from over. Early in the morning on June 27, Ruixing Coffee issued an official statement that it will be suspended from NASDAQ on June 29 and will

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original title: Ruixing Coffee Announced that it will Nasdaq Suspension: normal operation of domestic stores [CNMO Newsletter] This morning, Ruixing official Weibo According to a statement issued, Ruixing Coffee Company will suspend trading on NASDAQ on June 29 and conduct delisting for the record. In the domestic consumer market, Ruixing Coffee will operate more than 4,000 stores nationwide. Ruixing expressed

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What are you most afraid of buying stocks? It should be the most afraid of stepping on “mines” and being “cutting leeks”. As long as the listed company does not have “mines”, the stock price will always go up and down; if you step on the “mines”, it will be nowhere to go. For example, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced

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Author: Xie Kangyu Recently, Lian Coffee, which has received much attention from the outside, has made new progress. According to “Retail boss internal reference”, even coffee will be Sinopec Easyjet established a joint venture company to intensively expand “Easy Coffee”, all of its original stores will be closed. In addition, even coffee is brewing new business related to coffee retail,

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2020 is a difficult year for the coffee industry. In the past, there was a thunderstorm in Ruixing Coffee, and then there was a large-scale closure of the domestic Internet coffee chain even coffee. Now, even the global coffee leader Starbucks is “deep in the mud.” On the evening of June 10th, Beijing time, Starbucks said in the latest shareholder

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Author: yidian Source: No. 4 Qiyang Road “Once there is a proper profit, the capitalist will be bold… with 20% of the profit, he will become active; with 50% of the profit, he will take the risk; for 100% of the profit, he He dared to trample on all human laws; with a profit of 300%, he dared to commit

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Original title: Once over 70%! Rui Xing’s stock price suddenly rose, back to life or the last crazy? source: Oriental Fortune network Beijing time opened on Tuesday, Ruixing Coffee (LK.US) shares soared, the intraday increase was more than 70%, as of the close of the day, the increase was as high as 53.24%, reported 2.13 US dollars, the market value

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Source: Sina Finance Ruixing Coffee continued to soar, once rising more than 70%, the turnover exceeded 190 million US dollars, and the market value exceeded 570 million US dollars. Some investors believe that Ruixing is seriously underestimated because the stock still has $ 4.70 in cash per share and $ 6 per shareholder’s equity. Analysts believe that Ruixing Coffee may

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original title: Rui Xing unfortunately! Resume trading plunged 36%, accumulated 70 billion market value evaporated, delisting, huge claims, layoffs at closed stores, food safety issues … “Seeing him rise from a tall building, seeing his banquet guests, seeing his building collapse.” In 2018, Ruixing Coffee was born. With the dream of making good coffee that everyone can drink and drink,

Lucky unfortunate! Resume trading plunged 36%, accumulated 70 billion market value evaporated, delisting, huge claims, layoffs at closed stores, food safety issues >> Read More