Source: Parent Fund Research Center, No. 4 Yang Road, Brokerage China, please indicate the source when reprinting! Today, luckyincoffee Ruixing Coffee Release statement: Ruixing Coffee Company will be on June 29 Nasdaq Suspension of trading and filing for delisting. In the statement, Ruixing Coffee said that more than 4,000 stores across the country are operating normally. Ruixing Coffee said that

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Tonight, the three major indexes in the US stock market all fell back after the gap and opened up. As of press time, the Dow rose 0.51%, the Nasdaq rose 0.93%, and the S&P 500 index rose 0.65%. Image source: Wind Judging from the trend of the three major indexes, the Nasdaq is significantly stronger than the other two indexes,

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Lei Di Network Rakuten reported on May 27 After three consecutive days of decline, Ruixing Coffee Yesterday, it rose by 20% before the market. After the opening of Ruixing Coffee yesterday, the stock price surged more than 70%. At the close of the day, the stock price was $ 2.13, an increase of 53%, and the market value rebounded to

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Zhitong Finance APP was informed that in the US stock exchange on May 26, Ruixing Coffee (LK.US) ‘s intraday stock price rose more than 70%. As of the close, Ruixing Coffee closed at US $ 2.13, an increase of 53.24%. The current total market value is about US $ 536 million. Earlier media reports said that Yum China Holdings may

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What are the concerns in the financial circle yesterday morning 1. The 98-year-old gambling king He Hongshen’s death left a hundred billion empire, with medical expenses of nearly 1 billion in recent years; 2. The mixed-upgrade and upgraded version of state-owned enterprises is just around the corner, and the capital market has become a key direction for breaking the situation;

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Original title: Ruixing Coffee suspension is a bit “cool” How to avoid becoming a “living target” for short institutions? Source: Palm Changsha The suspension is a bit “cool”, how to avoid becoming a “living target” for short institutions? In April 2020, the market started on the topic of Ruixing Coffee’s self-exposure of falsely increasing transaction volume and stock price collapse.

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Author | Song Guanyu Source | Mustang Finance Before April 2nd local time, Ruixing Coffee The self-explosive increase in revenue was 2.2 billion yuan. As soon as the news came out, the domestic and foreign capital markets were turbulent, and for a time everyone was in danger and suspected of stealing neighbors. As an important promoter of Ruixing coffee to

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The recent short sale of iQiyi is mainly due to the continued loss of performance. In 2019, its net loss was as high as 10.3 billion, which was a 13% increase from the loss in 2018, and 2018 has more than doubled from 2017. , Poor performance is the main reason. The performance of China’s video companies is generally not

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Original title: iQiyi was accused of counterfeiting, but fortunately came from explosive counterfeiting, the status of these short-selling Chinese stocks is like this … Source: IPO Daily After Ruixing Coffee’s self-explosion of falsely increased revenue, China Prospective stocks broke out of financial fraud. A few days ago, Muddy Water Company published a bearish iQiyi report written by wolfpackresearch on social

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Original title: Good or not from the exposure of employee performance fraud. The stock price fell nearly 8% before Wednesday. Source: Tencent Securities The listed Ruixing Coffee announced that the company’s chief operating officer and some employees forged a transaction worth about 2.2 billion yuan in 2019, causing the company’s share price to plunge by 83% in the next few

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Original title: Ruixing Coffee is suspended, car rental in China is further dragged down, and the stock price drops by nearly 10% After the stock price of Ruixing Coffee fell continuously by more than 83% in three days, before the opening of American Time on April 7, Ruixing Coffee announced that it would suspend trading, waiting for more information to

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Beijing time on April 8th, Good future The announcement stated that some employees were found to have “misconduct” during the routine internal audit process, which may have erroneously exaggerated the sales figures. Good Future immediately reported to the local police that the employee had been detained by the local police. This is already following ” Ruixing Coffee In the second

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Original title: After Rui Xing, iQiyi is shorted by muddy water, will iQiyi, whose stock price collapses, become Rui Xing’s second? Source: Jiang Han’s Vision The stock price plunged by more than 10% due to the muddy waters of Wolfpack Research and short-selling institutions. Wolfpack Research said that iQIYI had fraudulent behavior before it went public in 2018, and that

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