Since mid-April, all’s been quiet forStarbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX ), at least in the equity market. SBUX stock saw a brief rally in early June, but that aside has stalled out. Source: Grand Warszawski / I expect that will change soon — and possibly next week. Starbucks reports fiscal third-quarter earnings on Tuesday afternoon. And that release should be a […]

With the US stock market opening on June 29, Ruixing Coffee was officially delisted from the Nasdaq and delisted. The stock price was fixed at $1.38, a decrease of nearly 92% compared with the initial issue price of $17. At the peak, the total market value of Ruixing had reached 13 billion US dollars, and now the total market value

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June 29, Ruixing Coffee Formally withdrawn from the market, this “farce” that began at the beginning of the year will also end. Corresponding to this, the data obtained by the media through the Tianyan check shows that since 2020, Ruixing Coffee has only added 186 companies, an increase of -80.6% over the same period last year. This also means that

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Text/ SinaFinance and Economics Wei Tianchen Chen Qin From Nasdaq Was born into the delisting, Ruixing Coffee It took 410 days. The capital market has learned a lesson, the people who have eaten melons have watched the story, investors have cut the meat, consumers have had cheap coffee, and the bears who persisted until the end have become the biggest

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Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “DT Finance” (ID: DTcaijing), Author: Coffee addictive DT Jun, 36 krypton Released with authorization. tonight, Rui Xing Will be officially delisted. This flamboyant staged capital farce for more than two years seems to end in the end. In May 2019, Ruixing, which was only 18 months old, was listed on

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Text | Zhang Jiaru According to standard news, Ruixing Coffee Documents filed with the SEC on June 23 disclosed that the company received the second delisting notice given by NASDAQ on June 17 due to failure to submit the annual report (20F report as of December 31, 2019) ). This is not the first time Ruixing has received a delisting

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original title: Rui Xing “Variable” There are still variables in Ruixing’s future. After months of violent storms, and even verbal criticism, we were surprised to find that Ruixing’s stores were still busy, with a constant stream of customers, and discount coupons that people could not refuse to use. In addition, Ruixing Coffee shares are also riding a “roller coaster.” Since

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Original title: “Coffee” is sinking faster. What business opportunities does Starbucks see? Text|US Stock Research Institute At the beginning of the year, Starbucks temporarily closed more than half of the stores in the country once caused widespread concern, and now Starbucks also plans to permanently close hundreds of traditional stores around the world. In the face of the outbreak of

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2020 is a difficult year for the coffee industry. In the past, there was a thunderstorm in Ruixing Coffee, and then there was a large-scale closure of the domestic Internet coffee chain even coffee. Now, even the global coffee leader Starbucks is “deep in the mud.” On the evening of June 10th, Beijing time, Starbucks said in the latest shareholder

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Original title: Starbucks’ “heartfelt” thanks to Ruixing Source: 36 krypton Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “retail boss Reference” (ID: lslb168), Author: Wande dry, 36 krypton release authorized. Ruixing has seriously damaged the reputation of the Chinese stock market in the global capital market; Ruixing has also severely destroyed the entrepreneurial value of Internet coffee in

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Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Tech Planet” (ID: tech618), Author: Wang Lin, 36 krypton Released with authorization. Qian Zhiya cried. “After hearing that something happened, she cried and went to Lao Lu to say she would resign.” “After exposing financial fraud, the board of directors met urgently and she cried at the scene.” After that,

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Original title: Inside Story of Ruixing Coffee’s Decline: A large number of fake buyers and a virtual employee Source: Netease Finance (Original title: The inside story behind the decline of Ruixing Coffee: a large number of fake buyers and a virtual employee) On May 17, 2018, Lu Zhengyao, chairman and co-founder of Ruixing Coffee, was listed on the first day

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Original title: Exploring the trend of the domestic coffee industry from the “crash” incident of Ruixing Coffee Source: Network 2.2 billion financial fraud, major shareholders leave the market and are required to delist Business is not affected, consumer run-up craze In the evening of May 19th, Ruixing Coffee issued an announcement saying that it was required to be delisted and

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Original title: Guo Jinyi acting as CEO of Ruixing Coffee: Former Assistant Lu Zhengyao Late night “shelled” Starbucks monopoly On the evening of May 12, Ruixing Coffee announced the adjustment of the board of directors and senior management. CEO Qian Zhiya and COO Liu Jian were suspended. At the same time, Rui Jin Coffee co-founder Guo Jinyi served as acting

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Just one year after its first store opened in China, Tim Hortons made a strong ally of Tencent. 36 Krypton was informed that Tim Hortons Chinese Company (hereinafter referred to as Tims China), a Canadian national coffee brand, received an exclusive strategic investment from Tencent with an amount exceeding RMB 100 million, and Tencent holds a certain amount of shares

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In the evening of May 12, Beijing time, Ruixing Coffee According to the announcement, the company’s CEO Qian Zhiya and COO Liu Jian have been suspended. The board of directors appointed Rui Jinxing co-founder and senior vice president Guo Jinyi as acting CEO. At this time, 40 days have passed since Ruixing exposed the financial fraud. The announcement also revealed

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Original title: [Chinese Nightmare] Ruixing Coffee The President and Operations Officer stepped down, and the largest institutional shareholder left the market Ruixing Coffee exposed the financial fraud scandal a few months ago and faced huge collective claims in the United States. In China, it was investigated by the regulatory authorities. The company has reached the critical moment of life and

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