Those shorting stocks during the COVID-19 pandemic have made more than $50 billion in profits. Billionaire Bill Ackman recently said that activist short sellers are far more efficient than regulators at unearthing corporate frauds, and that regulators should work with short sellers. Here we take a look at the top 10 best performing activist short calls in the first half […]

(Text/Su Jian Editor/Yin Zhe) “The story of Feihe is more like Wirecard and Ruixing Coffee Instead of apple or Tencent . “On July 8, short-selling agency Blue Orca said it was shorting China Feihe (06186.HK) shares. Today, China Flying Crane opened slightly higher by 1% today, and was up nearly 3%. At 10:15, after the above short report was released,

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Text/ SinaFinance and Economics Wei Tianchen Chen Qin From Nasdaq Was born into the delisting, Ruixing Coffee It took 410 days. The capital market has learned a lesson, the people who have eaten melons have watched the story, investors have cut the meat, consumers have had cheap coffee, and the bears who persisted until the end have become the biggest

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What are you most afraid of buying stocks? It should be the most afraid of stepping on “mines” and being “cutting leeks”. As long as the listed company does not have “mines”, the stock price will always go up and down; if you step on the “mines”, it will be nowhere to go. For example, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced

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Original title: Ruixing, on the verge of delisting, skyrocketed in two days 90%: speculation high + short sale Banker or make two waves of money Source: Oriental Fortune network Original title: Ruixing, on the verge of delisting, skyrocketed in two days 90%: speculative high + short sellers or make two waves of money Ruixing Coffee, which is on the verge

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Original title: Do n’t just see the profit of short lucky! These Chinese stocks have caused shorts to lose more than 11 billion yuan. Source: China Fund News Original title: Do n’t just see the profit of short lucky! These Chinese stocks have caused the shorts to lose more than 11 billion … The US closed the market last night,

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Short tide Is Lu Zhengyao poor? Two months after Ruixing Coffee admitted that the data was fraudulent, the company received a notice from Nasdaq that asked it to delist and delist. This punishment is severe. “Nasdaq asked the company to delist without waiting for the final investigation result. I personally feel deeply disappointed and regretful.” Lu Zhengyao, chairman of Ruixing

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First short Ruixing Coffee One of the funds is betting that the stock’s 93% decline this year has not ended. According to a person familiar with the matter, Sibo Asset Management (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. started shorting Ruixing Coffee after its initial public offering (IPO) in May 2019, and further increased it after the company broke the accounting scandal in

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Institutional shareholders are quietly evacuating Ruixing Coffee (LK.US) . On May 11, US Eastern Time, Ruixing Coffee issued an announcement that its original third largest institutional shareholder, Captial Research Global Investors (hereinafter referred to as “CRGI”), had cleared all the company’s shares. According to the documents submitted by Ruixing Coffee to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), as of

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In 2020, due to the impact of public health events and large fluctuations in oil prices, the three major US stock indexes were shocked at a high level, especially the four “melts” in March, which made Buffett, the “stock god”, yell “see you for a long time.” Under the influence of multiple bearish factors, the long-selling short-selling agency was eager

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Author: Bugle X Source: Chuan Xibang (ID: chuanxibang) Coincidentally, in only two months, the sight of the short-selling agency aimed at who to learn from for the second time. US stocks opened for half an hour on April 14, EST, and Citron Research, a short-selling agency with the same reputation in muddy waters, issued a short-selling report, pointing directly to

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Kong Qingxun On the afternoon of April 14, Internet information blogger Kong Qingxun was in his personal Weibo It wrote: Short name Pinduoduo , Most likely next Rui Xing . Tonight, a short report on Pinduoduo will be released. You can take a look at this table. The red part is purely coincidental. The chart he released is the following:

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Original title: Even short selling triggered a crisis of confidence Securities Times reporter Sun Yahua Recently, the Chinese stocks such as Ruixing, iQiyi, Good Future, and who to learn from have been attacked by short-selling institutions. Market participants have speculated that the 2011 “big hunting” of Chinese stocks due to the crisis of trust will be repeated. Yet? In the

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On the evening of April 7, iQiyi was shorted by Wolfpack Research. The short report shows that iQIYI had committed fraud as early as the initial public offering in 2018 and has continued to this day. Wolfpack Research estimates that iQiyi has exaggerated its 2019 revenue by approximately RMB 8-13 billion, or 27% -44%. IQiyi does this by exaggerating about

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◎ Chigu Trend (ID: zgtrend) | Chaoyang That blood-washed Ruixing’s short report was not actually made by muddy water. Under the name of Muddy Water Company, there is a trader who “understands Chinese companies better”: Xuehu Capital. The people who eat melons only saw the dazzling skills of the bears digging their roots, precision strikes, and large sums of gold,

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Text / Associate Researcher Chen Bin of Shenzhen Stock Exchange Institute and Liu Huijun, Postdoctor of Shenzhen Stock Exchange Chinese concept stocks suffered a short-selling wave due to financial fraud, which caused widespread concern. Citron and Hunshui, as the main institutions that shorted Chinese concept stocks, are very accurate in exposing the financial fraud of Chinese concept stocks. An analysis

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