Original title: Lu Zhengyao, a car rental in China, struggling to find another man Shenzhou Rent-a-Car has had many twists and turns on the way to find Panxia. July 20, SAIC Announced that after the group’s wholly-owned subsidiary SAIC Motor Hong Kong Investment Co., Ltd. signed a contract to acquire China Rent-A-Car, in the process of subsequent equity transfer agreement […]

After three months and eighteen days, the “China” earthquake triggered by Luckin Coffee’s (LK.US) self-explosive financial fraud finally came to an end with a seemingly successful ending. On July 20th, China Car Rental (00699) issued an announcement stating that its two major shareholders, UCAR, Amber Gem (a subsidiary of Warburg Pincus, a US private equity investment company), had signed a

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Author Chai Jiayin After three months of ups and downs, Lu Zhengyao finally sold the cornerstone of his “capital empire”-Shenzhou Car Rental. On the evening of July 20, 2020, UCAR announced that it intends to transfer no more than 443 million shares of its holding company Shenzhou Rental Car to Jiangxi Jinggangshan BAIC Investment Management Co., Ltd. or its designated

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Original title: Shenzhou car rental “changed ownership” changed: SAIC abandoned BAIC and then took over, the news was leaked in advance that Shenzhou UCAR was investigated? Reporter | reachable Edit | The head of the “Shenzhou Department” Lu Zhengyao was deeply involved in the financial fraud of Ruixing Coffee. The news of the change of ownership of Shenzhou Car Rental

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Sina Technology Zhang Jun There were few pedestrians in the headquarters building of UCAR on Sunday afternoon, but under the bright sun, there was a torrential rain. In the building, the shareholders of Ruixing Coffee are holding a special general meeting to consider the removal of the four directors/independent directors of Lu Zhengyao, Liu Erhai, Li Hui and Shao Xiaoheng,

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Easy Finance WeChat ID: ejfinance June 26, Ruixing Coffee According to the announcement, the company gave up one month before Nasdaq Delisting decided to hold a hearing proposal. The company’s stock will be suspended on June 29. After the appeal period expires, Ruixing Coffee will be officially delisted. On the eve of Ruixing’s withdrawal from the market, the “iron triangle”

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Original title: Lu Zhengyao of “Drumming Flowers” Source: 36 Krypton Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “chopper Finance” (ID: niudaocaijing), Author: Wu Dalang, 36 krypton release authorized. Text丨Produced by Wu Dalang丨niudaocaijing The speed of the destruction of a myth is faster than that of its establishment. On June 29, Fortune Coffee will be suspended from trading

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Original title: From car rental in Shenzhou, excellent car in China to Ruixing, Lu Zhengyao was defeated across the board. Is the billionaire or zero? Recently, the so-called first share of the new Chinese coffee retailer accepted the Nasdaq delisting order unconditionally. Ruixing stock will be suspended from the market opening on June 29, 2020, waiting for the final delisting

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Original Title: Lu Zhengyao Resigns as Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Rent a Car Source: Business School The China Department has recently changed frequently. On June 10, 2020, Shenzhou Car Rental (0699.HK) announced that Lu Zhengyao had resigned as chairman of the board of directors and non-executive of Shenzhou Rent-a-Car in order to devote more time to

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Original title: Ruixing’s counterfeit door continues to ferment Lu Zhengyao’s shareholding in China’s UCAR is frozen by justice Source: Securities Times·e Company Ruixing’s counterfeit doors are continuing to ferment. China Automobile (838006) announced on the evening of June 10 that the 270 million shares held by the company’s actual controller Lu Zhengyao were frozen by the Beijing First Intermediate People’s

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Original title: Ruixing’s counterfeit door continues to ferment: Lu Zhengyao resigns from Shenzhou car rental, fearing that he will face prison. Source: BT Finance V The counterfeit door of Ruixing Coffee is still fermenting, and behind the scenes, the big brother Lu Zhengyao has to give up the car rental in Shenzhou, where he founded. In the early morning of

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Original title: Rui Xing crashed and did not withdraw from the market, Shenzhou rented a car successfully, Lu Zhengyao or a big winner? Source: Netease News Shenzhou Car Rental, deeply involved in the negative incident of Ruixing Coffee, finally found a new pick. On June 1, the China Auto Rental Disclosure Announcement stated that BAIC Group and China Auto signed

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Original title: Rui Xing ignites the fuse, the brother company Shenzhou car rental welcomes the big change! Source: Liu Kuang On the morning of June 1, Shenzhou Car Rental Co., Ltd. (Shenzhou Car Rental, 00699.HK) announced that the board of directors had been informed by the major shareholder, Shenzhou UCAR, that China UCAR had contacted Beijing Automobile Group Co., Ltd.

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Source: Vote China After the exposure of fraudulent 2.2 billion and the clearance of the institutional shareholder Captial Research Global Investor (hereinafter referred to as CRGI), Ruixing Coffee (hereinafter referred to as Ruixing) ‘s “broken arm survival” began. On May 12, 2020, Ruixing issued an announcement that the board of directors had terminated the positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Lu Zhengyao’s circle of friends: the “Golden Triangle” of ChinaLu Zhengyao, the chairman of Ruixing Coffee, has two other listed companies-Shenzhou Car Rental listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shenzhou UCAR listed on the New Third Board. These three listed companies, Lu Zhengyao are major shareholders. And Li Hui, Liu Erhai, and the big cymbals and happy capital

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Greatly accepted Ruixing Coffee A virtual increase of 2.2 billion revenue events Car Rental in China The thing that has been busy recently is cutting with Lu Zhengyao.Lu Zhengyao is the chairman and largest shareholder of Ruixing Coffee, as well as the chairman and largest shareholder of Shenzhou Car Rental. First, there was anecdotal news that Lu Zhengyao was ready

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There is an old saying in the domestic capital circle, 80% of the scammers were not scammers at first, but they had too many ideas and too much play. During the rapid expansion process, once a loophole occurred in a link and caused a total runaway, they eventually became scammers. On April 2, Ruixing Coffee (NASDAQ: LK) swept the Internet

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Original title: After Ruixing Storm CITIC Securities Quit to provide market making quotation service for UCAR China-Singapore Jingwei Client, April 13 (Gao Xiaoyong) On April 13, CITIC Securities announced that the company will withdraw from providing market making quotation services for UCAR stocks from April 14. According to the announcement, with the consent of the National SME Share Transfer System

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