On July 8, short-selling agency Blue Orca Capital issued a short report on China’s Feihe, questioning Feihe’s infant milk powder revenue, operating costs, and profitability. As soon as the news came out, Feihe’s stock price plunged more than 8%. However, after Feihe clarified and released its earnings report, the company’s stock price rose in the afternoon. As of the close […]

Original title: The next Ruixing Coffee? Another Chinese company is eyeing, revenue and number of users increased by 900%? Source: Professor Reading After the Ruixing fraud incident broke out, many Chinese companies listed in the United States were also implicated, and they were frequently “watched” by short-sellers. As of June 2, 2020, online education companies have received 9 short reports

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© Reuters. Ruixing Coffee Q2 earnings per share and revenue exceeded expectations Yingwei Financials Investing.com-Ruixing Coffee (NASDAQ:LK) released its second-quarter earnings report on Wednesday. The data showed that the company’s revenue was higher than analysts’ expectations and earnings per share exceeded analysts’ expectations. In the company’s latest financial report, the company’s earnings per share was -0.26, and the total revenue

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Author: Travis 1. Review of the performance of the stock market during the week 1.1 Overall performance of weighted indexes such as China Prospect Stock Since January 1, 2015, the weight index of Chinese stocks and shares has increased by 177.83%, outperforming the S & P 500 index, and the relative return rate is 129.97%. Note: Constituent stocks and other

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Source: Sina Finance Ruixing Coffee continued to soar, once rising more than 70%, the turnover exceeded 190 million US dollars, and the market value exceeded 570 million US dollars. Some investors believe that Ruixing is seriously underestimated because the stock still has $ 4.70 in cash per share and $ 6 per shareholder’s equity. Analysts believe that Ruixing Coffee may

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Sina Finance News The global spread of the new crown epidemic spreads, and China ’s 2.2 billion yuan Ruixing Coffee ’s financial fraud has affected China ’s credit crisis. Independent cloud service provider Jinshan Yun (code “KC”) went public in the United States in the evening, on the evening of May 8. , Jinshan Cloud officially landed on Nasdaq, Jinshan

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If there is such a company, since its listing, the stock price has tripled in 3 years, the annual net income has increased rapidly, and the dividends have been high every year. At the same time, there are nearly 4 billion bank wealth management products lying on the company ’s account. not perfect? If you analyze from the financial statements

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Kong Qingxun On the afternoon of April 14, Internet information blogger Kong Qingxun was in his personal Weibo It wrote: Short name Pinduoduo , Most likely next Rui Xing . Tonight, a short report on Pinduoduo will be released. You can take a look at this table. The red part is purely coincidental. The chart he released is the following:

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On February 7, the US investment agency Wolfpack Researc (hereinafter referred to as Wolfpack) released a 37-page report alleging domestic well-known online video platformsIQIYI Suspected of exaggerating revenue of 13 billion through accounting methods. And short before Rui Xing The muddy water company also claimed on social media that it had assisted the wolves in investigating iQiyi for a year,

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Original title: What real hammer is there for short reports? The hidden worries of iQiyi are actually here Source: Sina Technology For iQiyi, being short may be like a dream. The difference is that when you wake up, the stock price is not very touching. On the evening of April 7th, Beijing time, Wolfpack Research, a third-party organization, issued a

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Original title: After Rui Xing, Good Future Education exposes that employees forged transactions of $ 100 million Source: Observer Network (Observer Net Text / Zhang Heng) A few days ago, Ruixing Coffee, which was listed on the US stock market, “revealed” that employees fraudulently generated revenue of 2.2 billion yuan, which caused an uproar. But what I didn’t expect is

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Original title: Rhino Evening News: Rui Xing short-selling net profit of more than 700 million US dollars, good future response to employees false revenue increase Source: GPLP Short-term net gain of over 700 million GPLP Rhino Finance News on April 8th: According to data from financial analysis company S3 Partner, Ruixing Coffee (LK.US) was the most profitable stock in the

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Original title: Ruixing-style fraud? IQiyi was attacked by a short agency! Source: Insight Finance How big is the impact of fraud? Ruixing Coffee exposed 2.2 billion in financial fraud, and it seems to have started the domino effect. On the evening of April 7th, Beijing time, short-selling agency Wolfpack Research released a report saying that iQiyi committed fraud before it

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On April 7, shorting agency WOLFPACK Research released a research report saying that the video siteIQIYI (NASDSAQ: IQ) Exaggerate the number of revenue and subscription users. In April 7th, iQIYI’s share price fell by more than 14%, and then its share price rebounded. As of the close, iQIYI’s share price rose 3.22% to $ 17.30. Regarding allegations of counterfeiting, iQiyi

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After more than two months, another Chinese stock was spotted by the short-selling agency. On the evening of April 7th, Beijing time, iQiyi, which was listed on the Nasdaq, was shorted by market research agency Wolfpack Research, which said iQiyi’s revenue in 2019 was exaggerated by 8-13 billion yuan. In this regard, iQiyi said that the data and conclusions quoted

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Original title: Fictitious Ten Billion Revenue? After Ruixing, iQiyi was short-sold by two major institutions. FX168 Financial News (Hong Kong) News on Tuesday (April 7), the short-selling agency Muddy Water tweeted, “The muddy water is shorting iQIYI because we think it is a scam. We assisted Wolfpack in conducting a comprehensive study Research. Hunshui believes that iQiyi deceptively and substantially

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