Original title: Reprint Rui Xing ? “Killing Whale” shorted 100 billion dairy giants, and the stock price plummeted after a sharp fall! The company strongly denied the allegations, saying it would respond further Early trading on July 8, once short Anta Sports , Samsonite Blue Orca Capital, a short-selling agency known as the “killer whale,” released a 1686.HK )’S short […]

On July 8, short-selling agency Blue Orca Capital issued a short report on China’s Feihe, questioning Feihe’s infant milk powder revenue, operating costs, and profitability. As soon as the news came out, Feihe’s stock price plunged more than 8%. However, after Feihe clarified and released its earnings report, the company’s stock price rose in the afternoon. As of the close

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Reported that the accounting scandal broke Ruixing Coffee Fake sales were increased by selling vouchers to affiliates of the chairman and controlling shareholder. The report quoted internal documents and public records that a fictitious buyer also processed more than 140 million US dollars in payments for materials and services. Since the announcement of a survey of false transactions that accounted

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Original title: Foreign media: NASDAQ requires Ruixing Coffee to be delisted Reference News Network reported on May 21. Foreign media said that Ruixing Coffee Company said on the 19th local time in China that the US stock exchange Nasdaq asked it to delist, after a serious scandal hit the company. According to a report by Agence France-Presse in Beijing on

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Scandal-tainted Luckin Coffee (NASDAQ: LK ) says it won’t file its annual report by April 30 due to delays caused by COVID-19 and an internal investigation. The company says it has had limited access to its office buildings with certain employees required to complete 14-day quarantine periods before resuming on-site work.  Luckin says it’s working diligently to explore possible ways

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Original title: Industrial and Commercial Law Enforcement Vehicles Appear at Ruixing Coffee ’s Beijing Headquarters, and the Company Confirms Regulatory Intervention Source: 36 Krypton It was taken over by the relevant departments, all data was turned in, and all senior executives were investigated. Radar Finance visited the Beijing headquarters of Ruixing Coffee and found that industrial and commercial law enforcement

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Author: Bugle X Source: Chuan Xibang (ID: chuanxibang) Coincidentally, in only two months, the sight of the short-selling agency aimed at who to learn from for the second time. US stocks opened for half an hour on April 14, EST, and Citron Research, a short-selling agency with the same reputation in muddy waters, issued a short-selling report, pointing directly to

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Original title: The founder of Muddy Water responds to the short Rui Xing: see more detailed data Source: TechWeb Recently, the founder of Muddy Water, Carson Bullock, said in an interview about the “shorting of Ruixing” because it was not only an anonymous report but also more detailed data, which made Muddy Water believe in the report. Authenticity. In February

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Original title: Ten consecutive QDII funds hold a good future in China’s stock market “Serial Explosion” Source: Times Weekly Ruixing Coffee (LK.US) ‘s financial fraud of up to 2.2 billion yuan has drawn a lot of Chinese stock companies into the eye of the storm. Soon, iQiyi (IQ.US) was also questioned about financial fraud. Even on the same day, TAL.US

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Original title: Rui Xing gave a lesson to all investors Source: JIC Investment Watch This series of roller coaster operations that “swept, burned money, went public, and fell” is more than any commercial blockbuster. It has provided a profound dimension to regulators, investors, and operators at home and abroad in multiple dimensions. The lesson can be described as “seeing him

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(Observer Web / Xu Heng) The Chinese stock market is in a troubled autumn. Within a few days, Rui Xing Hehao future two Chinese stocks exposed financial fraud, With whom withIQIYI Go short by the short agency. Among them, GSX.US shares fell 7.55% after being short. To this end, Chen Xiangdong, the founder of whom to learn from, posted a

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This article is selected from “Construction and Investment Strategies: Short-selling by institutions such as muddy water is not a separate operation. Read the short-selling industry chain in overseas markets” One, three perspectives to see short institutions Recently, short-selling institutions such as muddy water companies have once again entered the eyes of market investors. Overseas short-selling institutions represented by muddy water

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Go short Rui Xing Institutions, self-investedIQIYI Also shot, this time is wrong? Source: Fuel Finance Author | Zhao Lei Meng Yana Edit | Wei Jia After Luckin exposed the financial fraud, Wall Street’s short-selling forces took the lead in pursuit, and iQiyi, which has a market value of tens of billions of dollars, became a new target. On the evening

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Original title: The Ruixing effect emerges, Chinese stocks are hit one after another Source: Investment “Be beaten”, learn from whom to plummet, so that the future “detoxification.” People began to worry about another “attack” around the Chinese stock market. But in fact, a closer examination of the encounters of the three companies will reveal that, rather than being collectively targeted

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Original title: Unreasonable harassment or flies do not sting seamless eggs, will short iQiyi become the second Lucky? Source: Geek.com It has become the next target of short-selling institutions. On the evening of April 7, short-selling agency Wolfpack Research released a report saying that iQiyi exaggerated revenues of approximately RMB 8 billion to RMB 13 billion during 2019, accounting for

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That short Rui Xing ‘S muddy water institution is “on the expedition” again. On April 7th, U.S. time, Mushui, a well-known American short-selling agency, announced a short on social media.IQIYI The report said that iQIYI had committed fraud before the IPO and was suspected of financial fraud. The report estimates that iQiyi has exaggerated its 2019 revenue by about 8

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