June 29, Ruixing Coffee Formally in Nasdaq Suspension of trading and delisting for the record. More importantly, Ruixing Coffee’s counterfeiting “harms others and harms others”, dragging down the stock prices of all Chinese stocks. Looking back at the entire incident, one cannot help but ask, can regulators have the opportunity to detect such company fraud earlier? How to save the […]

What are you most afraid of buying stocks? It should be the most afraid of stepping on “mines” and being “cutting leeks”. As long as the listed company does not have “mines”, the stock price will always go up and down; if you step on the “mines”, it will be nowhere to go. For example, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced

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Muddy Water Research Company only launched in the US in February this year, known as ChinaStarbucks of Ruixing Coffee The fraud of the financial report led to the suspension of Ruixing Coffee’s stock price. Recently, it has pointed out Chinese concept stocks and Chinese online education platforms. With whom At least 80% of the revenue from irrigation and drastically underestimated

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Original title: [Chinese Nightmare] Ruixing Coffee Waves may not bottom out, rumored funds still hold short positions Ruixing Coffee was deeply affected by the delisting and layoffs. It resumed trading in the US on Wednesday (20th) and plunged by 35.8%, with a stock price of $ 2.82 remaining. Foreign sources quoted sources as saying that Sibo Asset Management (Hong Kong),

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On May 18th, the well-known short-selling agency Muddywater published a 20-page short-selling report, suspecting online education: who to learn from (GSX.US), 70% of users are robots, and at least 80% of their income is fraudulent. . . The muddy water report mentioned: Who do we learn from short, because we think this is almost a complete fraud. We have concluded

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US stocks overnight

Zhitong Finance APP learned that US stocks closed up on Wednesday, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average improved at 24,575 points, up 369 points or 1.52%. The S & P 500 index closed at 2,971 points, up 48 points or 1.67%, the highest since the market closed in early March. The Nasdaq closed at 9,375 points, up 190 points or

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Webmaster’s House (ChinaZ.com) April 22 News: Yesterday, the founder of muddy water Carson Bullock was accepting Tencent In the news interview, aiming at “shorting Rui Xing The matter said that from the perspective of revenue, Ruixing will have more fraud than self-exposure. I don’t believe that artificial fake. If the management of Ruixing is all fraud, then I think the

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In 2020, due to the impact of public health events and large fluctuations in oil prices, the three major US stock indexes were shocked at a high level, especially the four “melts” in March, which made Buffett, the “stock god”, yell “see you for a long time.” Under the influence of multiple bearish factors, the long-selling short-selling agency was eager

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Original title: The founder of Muddy Water responds to the short Rui Xing: see more detailed data Source: TechWeb Recently, the founder of Muddy Water, Carson Bullock, said in an interview about the “shorting of Ruixing” because it was not only an anonymous report but also more detailed data, which made Muddy Water believe in the report. Authenticity. In February

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Grandview on April 13 丨 According to each experience, the founder of Mushui Carson Bullock said that the reason why he chose to go short was because he not only received an anonymous report but also saw more detailed data. Shui believed in the authenticity of the report, but investors did not attract attention. Talking about iQiyi being short, Bullock

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Text / Associate Researcher Chen Bin of Shenzhen Stock Exchange Institute and Liu Huijun, Postdoctor of Shenzhen Stock Exchange Chinese concept stocks suffered a short-selling wave due to financial fraud, which caused widespread concern. Citron and Hunshui, as the main institutions that shorted Chinese concept stocks, are very accurate in exposing the financial fraud of Chinese concept stocks. An analysis

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Source: Hong Kong Stock Investment Research Institute The good news is too little since the beginning of 2020. The new coronary pneumonia epidemic has clouded the global market. Hong Kong stocks have fallen to the bottom of the past three years. . It was hard to stay until April, and it seemed that the cloud seemed to move away a

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After Ruixing, the muddy water aimed at iQiyi. How did the short bears that made entrepreneurs smell the ring? Source: Feng Lun Feng Ma Niu Wen | Feng Ma Niu Due to the data fraud incident of Ruixing, the muddy water of the short-selling agency once again came into people’s attention. Two months ago, Muddy Water published a short report,

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Stopping trading is very necessary and required by the rules. At present, the outside world does not know what way Ruixing Coffee is playing, maybe it is not as simple as being shorted by muddy water. This needs to continue to observe, continue to watch. Self-reported fraud of 2.2 billion yuan, Lu Zhengyao’s equity mortgage burst, insurance companies began to

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This article is selected from “Construction and Investment Strategies: Short-selling by institutions such as muddy water is not a separate operation. Read the short-selling industry chain in overseas markets” One, three perspectives to see short institutions Recently, short-selling institutions such as muddy water companies have once again entered the eyes of market investors. Overseas short-selling institutions represented by muddy water

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On the evening of April 7, the muddy water organization and Wolfpack Research separately stated that the two parties are conducting a comprehensive study of iQiyi, and believe that iQiyi has deceptive behavior in terms of users and income. This period of time seems to set off a wave of short-selling stocks, but in fact, short-selling of Chinese stocks has

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