What are the concerns in the financial circle yesterday morning 1. The 98-year-old gambling king He Hongshen’s death left a hundred billion empire, with medical expenses of nearly 1 billion in recent years; 2. The mixed-upgrade and upgraded version of state-owned enterprises is just around the corner, and the capital market has become a key direction for breaking the situation; […]

Original title: Even short selling triggered a crisis of confidence Securities Times reporter Sun Yahua Recently, the Chinese stocks such as Ruixing, iQiyi, Good Future, and who to learn from have been attacked by short-selling institutions. Market participants have speculated that the 2011 “big hunting” of Chinese stocks due to the crisis of trust will be repeated. Yet? In the

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Original title: Ruixing triggered the crisis of the Chinese stock market, Yu Diamond (Rights protection) From a profit to a huge loss financial bath Source: Hengtian Enterprise Financial Association Financial fraud. As a company established in 2017, relying on the rapid expansion of subsidies to complete the listing, the actual controller and its related affiliates basically completed the cash pledge

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On the evening of April 7, iQiyi was shorted by Wolfpack Research. The short report shows that iQIYI had committed fraud as early as the initial public offering in 2018 and has continued to this day. Wolfpack Research estimates that iQiyi has exaggerated its 2019 revenue by approximately RMB 8-13 billion, or 27% -44%. IQiyi does this by exaggerating about

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Grandview on April 13 丨 According to each experience, the founder of Mushui Carson Bullock said that the reason why he chose to go short was because he not only received an anonymous report but also saw more detailed data. Shui believed in the authenticity of the report, but investors did not attract attention. Talking about iQiyi being short, Bullock

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Special Issue of this Magazine | Zhou Junsheng Facing the turbulent short selling tide, what the Chinese stock company should do is to reflect on itself, actively make up for the various financial data defects that may exist before, and technically prevent more short selling attacks that may occur in the future. On the evening of April 7, the US

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Original title: Ten consecutive QDII funds hold a good future in China’s stock market “Serial Explosion” Source: Times Weekly Ruixing Coffee (LK.US) ‘s financial fraud of up to 2.2 billion yuan has drawn a lot of Chinese stock companies into the eye of the storm. Soon, iQiyi (IQ.US) was also questioned about financial fraud. Even on the same day, TAL.US

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Original title: Forefront | One week after the Ruixing incident, how do brokers think about Ruixing, iQiyi, and a good future? Source: 36 krypton Self-exposure, the three Chinese stocks have suffered successively, what attitude do brokerages take on this? Before the market on April 2, Ruixing Coffee exposed its employees’ financial fraud and was suspected of falsely increasing revenue by

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Become a member ▲ Listen to audio The complex business world is enough to listen to Wu Xiaobo We are short-sellers, we are biased, but so are listed companies. ——Glaucos Research Text / Ba Jiuling (WeChat public account: Wu Xiaobo channel) On April 7th, the muddy water in the short agency Twitter Published a Wolfpack Research (Wolfpack Research) forIQIYI Bearish

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Sina Technology News Beijing time on the evening of April 9, according to foreign media reports, the US law firm Labaton Sucharow LLP, which focuses on investor rights, announced today that it has represented Rui Xing Coffee (Nasdaq: LK) shareholders launched an investigation of securities claims against the company because Ruixing Coffee was accused of potentially publishing misleading business information

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Original title: Rui Xing “Fake”, iQiyi “Short”, see how the blockchain reconstructs the social credit system Source: Liande De APP An announcement was released, revealing that it was suspected of false transactions during the second quarter to fourth quarter of 2019, and the sales of counterfeit transactions were about 2.2 billion yuan. You must know that in the first three

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Stopping trading is very necessary and required by the rules. At present, the outside world does not know what way Ruixing Coffee is playing, maybe it is not as simple as being shorted by muddy water. This needs to continue to observe, continue to watch. Self-reported fraud of 2.2 billion yuan, Lu Zhengyao’s equity mortgage burst, insurance companies began to

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On the evening of April 7, the muddy water organization and Wolfpack Research separately stated that the two parties are conducting a comprehensive study of iQiyi, and believe that iQiyi has deceptive behavior in terms of users and income. This period of time seems to set off a wave of short-selling stocks, but in fact, short-selling of Chinese stocks has

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Go short Rui Xing Institutions, self-investedIQIYI Also shot, this time is wrong? Source: Fuel Finance Author | Zhao Lei Meng Yana Edit | Wei Jia After Luckin exposed the financial fraud, Wall Street’s short-selling forces took the lead in pursuit, and iQiyi, which has a market value of tens of billions of dollars, became a new target. On the evening

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At 22:40 on the evening of April 7th, Muddy Water and Wolfpack Reports jointly announced their researchIQIYI (NYSE: IQ) For more than a year, by collecting data in first-tier cities and advertisers in China, Iqiyi believes that there are frauds in the number of users and revenue. “The New Year’s Drama” of the mid-2020 general stocks-” Rui Xing “Financial fraud”

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On February 7, the US investment agency Wolfpack Researc (hereinafter referred to as Wolfpack) released a 37-page report alleging domestic well-known online video platformsIQIYI Suspected of exaggerating revenue of 13 billion through accounting methods. And short before Rui Xing The muddy water company also claimed on social media that it had assisted the wolves in investigating iQiyi for a year,

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Original title: The Ruixing effect emerges, Chinese stocks are hit one after another Source: Investment “Be beaten”, learn from whom to plummet, so that the future “detoxification.” People began to worry about another “attack” around the Chinese stock market. But in fact, a closer examination of the encounters of the three companies will reveal that, rather than being collectively targeted

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Original title: After Ruixing, iQiyi was accused of inflated income After the exposure of 2.2 billion financial frauds, it seems that the domino effect of the Chinese stocks has been activated. On the evening of the 7th, Beijing time, a short agency issued a report saying that iQIYI had committed fraud before going public in 2018. It is predicted that

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Original title: iQiyi shorted by muddy water, the crisis of China stocks still exists Source: Fengyan After the US stocks melted down four times in a row, the “fire” finally burned to the Chinese stock market. Rui Xing fell into distress, public opinion was in an uproar, and rumors of prosecution and delisting continued. Less than a week later, the

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Original title: What real hammer is there for short reports? The hidden worries of iQiyi are actually here Source: Sina Technology For iQiyi, being short may be like a dream. The difference is that when you wake up, the stock price is not very touching. On the evening of April 7th, Beijing time, Wolfpack Research, a third-party organization, issued a

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