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Sina Finance News As the epidemic index continues to rise, financial turbulence continues to intensify, the crude oil crash “black swan” has a strong impact, the US capital market has experienced four unprecedented meltdowns, the global economy has entered a recession has basically become a foregone conclusion, and is facing unprecedented Downside risk. To this end, we should be fully […]

Original title: Global News: US stocks fell sharply, the Dow fell 730 points, international crude oil fell more than 3% Straight flush Financial Research Center In the early morning of the 27th, Beijing time, US stocks closed sharply on Friday, leading the banking sector to decline. There has been a surge in infections in the United States, and at least

Global news: US stocks fell sharply, the Dow fell 730 points, international crude oil fell more than 3% >> Read More

Original title: Sitting on multiple KFC Pizza Hut brands, catering giant Yum China may go to Hong Kong for listing? When Ruixing Coffee detonated the crisis of trust in Chinese stocks and the second opening of the Hong Kong stock market, Chinese stocks set off a wave of listings in Hong Kong. A few days ago, there was news that

Sitting on multiple KFC Pizza Hut brands, catering giant Yum China may go to Hong Kong for listing? >> Read More

The incident of Ruixing ’s counterfeiting has not yet ended, and the negative effects continue.IQIYI, good future, and who is learning to be shorted one after another, the SEC chairman publicly reminded investors to stay away from the Chinese stock market, Nasdaq tightened the listing rules … CFO (chief financial officer) Appeared and resigned. Since March, according to incomplete statistics

Dangerous CFO: After the incident of Ruixing ’s fraud, the tide of resignation is coming >> Read More

Reported that the accounting scandal broke Ruixing Coffee Fake sales were increased by selling vouchers to affiliates of the chairman and controlling shareholder. The report quoted internal documents and public records that a fictitious buyer also processed more than 140 million US dollars in payments for materials and services. Since the announcement of a survey of false transactions that accounted

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By Joshua Franklin, Scott Murdoch and Julie Zhu   NEW YORK/HONG KONG, May 26 (Reuters) – Chinese delivery firm Dada Nexus Ltd will launch the investor roadshow for its U.S. initial public offering as early as Wednesday, according to people familiar with the matter, braving tensions between Washington and Beijing over Chinese companies pursuing their stock market debut in New York.   The U.S. Senate passed legislation

China’s Dada Nexus to kick off $500 mln U.S. IPO this week >> Read More


Ruixing Coffee received a delisting notice from Nasdaq on May 15. According to Nasdaq, Ruixing was involved in disclosing public interest issues related to “false” transactions in its annual report. It also failed to disclose material information. In this regard, Ruixing Coffee plans to hold a hearing with Nasdaq. The hearing is usually scheduled to be held 30 to 45

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Original title: Ruixing Coffee’s resumption of trading tonight will not escape its fate, stocks are worthless in the shadow of delisting Source: Phoenix Reviews Produced by | Phoenix Network Technology Phoenix News Client Comprehensive finishing | Xiao Yu Original source | bloomberg Translator’s Note: The stock of Ruixing Coffee Company will resume trading on the Nasdaq at 7 o’clock tonight.

Ruixing Coffee’s resumption of trading tonight can not escape its fate, the stock is worthless >> Read More

Text / SinaFinance Wei Tianchen Before the opening of the US stock market on May 18 local time, New York Nasdaq The stock exchange said it decided to Ruixing Coffee Delisting. On the same day, Alex Ibrahim, director of international capital markets at the New York Stock Exchange, said in an exclusive conversation with Sina Finance that the New York

NYSE commented on the suspension of Ruixing: good communication with China, IPO is still strong >> Read More

Reuters Hong Kong / New York May 19-Chinese coffee chain Ruixing Coffee said on Tuesday that Nasdaq had notified the company that it planned to delist it. A month ago, Ruixing Coffee found that some employees falsely reported sales. Nasdaq has renewed its focus on audit standards. Reuters reported on Monday that Nasdaq tightened its listing rules this week, hoping

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Original title: Foreign media: Nasdaq will tighten IPO rules Chinese companies will make listing more difficult Source: [TechWeb] May 19, according to foreign media reports, people familiar with the matter said that Nasdaq (Nasdaq) will set new restrictions on the initial public offering (IPO), which will increase some Chinese companies in Nasdaq The difficulty of going public. People familiar

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Beijing May 13th news, China’s crowdsourced logistics service platform Dada Nexus Ltd. Has applied to go public in the US, may become Ruixing Coffee After the financial fraud scandal, the second large Chinese company’s IPO in the United States. According to people familiar with the matter, the listing may raise about US $ 500 million, making it one of the

After Ruixing Coffee’s financial fraud scandal, another Chinese company applied for an IPO in the US >> Read More

Original title: Affected Ruixing faked Citi instead of Credit Suisse underwriting? The IPO process of Weiyi is postponed again Source: Sina Finance Produced | Daily Financial Report Author | Shaoyang Some time ago, Luckin’s financial fraud incidents raged in the capital market. When Ruixing was listed on the NASDAQ, its IPO co-lead underwriters were Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, CICC and

Affected Ruixing faked Citi instead of Credit Suisse underwriting? The IPO process of Weiyi was postponed >> Read More

Lei Diwang Lei Jianping reported on May 9 Kingsoft Cloud in the US yesterday Nasdaq Listed, today’s closing stock price rose 40.24%, the stock price reached 23.84 US dollars, and the market value was about 4.8 billion US dollars. On the first day of listing, Kingsoft Cloud’s stock trading was active, with a 7.56% turnover, with a turnover of 15.14

Jinshan Yun successfully listed face slapped after Rui Xing counterfeiting >> Read More


(Adds comments from CFO)   May 8 (Reuters) – Shares of China’s Kingsoft Cloud Holdings Ltd jumped over 25% on its U.S. market debut, indicating strong investor interest at a time when capital markets globally have been roiled by an economic crisis from the COVID-19 pandemic.   Beijing-based Kingsoft opened at $20.37 per share and rose to as much as $22.02 in early trade.   Kingsoft is the

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Sina Finance News The global spread of the new crown epidemic spreads, and China ’s 2.2 billion yuan Ruixing Coffee ’s financial fraud has affected China ’s credit crisis. Independent cloud service provider Jinshan Yun (code “KC”) went public in the United States in the evening, on the evening of May 8. , Jinshan Cloud officially landed on Nasdaq, Jinshan

Jinshanyun CEO talks about the influence of Ruixing Coffee: IPO investment banks and funds control more cautiously >> Read More

Original title: Chinese companies listed in the US must have both moral and artistic skills Zhang Rui Ruixing Coffee’s financial fraud is still fermenting. In addition to iQiyi, who to learn from, and other celebrities, “China’s stock” has been short-ranged into the range and has carried out multiple rounds of attacks, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Jay

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IPO Briefing

Original title: IPO Briefing | Weichai ’s IPO sponsor may be adjusted from Credit Suisse to Citi in connection with the Ruixing incident Source: Yaya Hong Kong Stock Circle After waiting, it is now Weiwei and Credit Suisse. On April 7th, it was learned from different sources that Credit Suisse, one of the co-lead underwriters of Ruixing’s listing, will no

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The Chinese stocks listed in the US in 2020 are facing a “collective crisis”. April 1 Ruixing Coffee Acknowledged that during the second quarter to the fourth quarter of 2019, there was a virtual increase of 2.2 billion yuan in sales. The most serious financial fraud in the history of China Prospective Shares caused Ruixing Coffee’s share price to fall

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Original title: CICC launches A-share listing counseling, once helped Ruixing Coffee go public and defended its false revenue increase Source: GPLP The company and CICC signed a listing counseling agreement on March 4. As early as February 28, CICC issued an announcement saying that it intends to apply for A-share issuance to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The

CICC launched A-share listing counseling, once promoted the listing of Ruixing Coffee and defended its false revenue increase >> Read More