Gelonghui July 31丨In ​​April of this year, Luckin Coffee Inc. exposed its financial fraud and received widespread attention. In accordance with the State Council’s Financial Commission’s “zero tolerance” spiritual requirements for financial fraud in the capital market, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, together with the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration for Market Regulation and other departments, suspected violations of […]

Zhitong Finance APP learned that according to media reports, part of the investigation report of the Special Investigation Committee on the Luckin (LK.US) incident has been exposed. The investigation results showed that the investors and company directors Liu Erhai and Li Hui were unaware of the fraud, and none of the current board members participated in the fraud. It is

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Sina Finance News on July 17, Sina Finance was informed that the original Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Ruixing Coffee He Gang will officially join Nai Xue’s tea (hereinafter referred to as “Nai Xue”) in August as CTO and lead the technical team Help Naixue’s digital construction. According to public information, He Gang joined Ruixing Coffee in September 2019. He

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Original title: Ernst & Young claims that Ruixing’s fraud began in April last year, and the introduction of an anti-fraud team led to the exposure of Ruixing’s fraud On July 16, Ernst & Young issued the “Statement on Ruixing Coffee” (hereinafter referred to as “Statement”). In the statement, Ernst & Young stated that Ruixing Coffee’s financial fraud began in April

Ernst & Young said that Ruixing’s fraud began in April last year, and the introduction of anti-fraud team led to the exposure of Ruixing’s fraud >> Read More

Original title: New management under the storm leads Ruixing Coffee’s smooth transition Source: Under the storm, Ruixing Coffee sneaked low-key. On the one hand, new stores are opened almost every day across the country. On the other hand, various new products are also on the market continuously, and new marketing activities are still emerging. After the storm in the

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June 29, Ruixing Coffee Formally in Nasdaq Suspension of trading and delisting for the record. More importantly, Ruixing Coffee’s counterfeiting “harms others and harms others”, dragging down the stock prices of all Chinese stocks. Looking back at the entire incident, one cannot help but ask, can regulators have the opportunity to detect such company fraud earlier? How to save the

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Original title: The board of directors completes a major reshuffle Lu Zhengyao is officially out: Ruixing Coffee ushers in the era of Guo Jin Source: Dai Ran Technology The era of Lu Zhengyao of Ruixing Coffee is over? After a series of internal battles, Ruixing Coffee, which was deeply involved in the financial fraud scandal, finally ushered in the board

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Original title: The internal investigation of Chuan Ruixing’s fraud was concluded, saying that the new CEO and investors are unaware. Source: Netease Technology According to an investigation report obtained by a person close to Ruixing Coffee’s board of directors, there is no evidence to prove that the current board members and executives headed by Guo Jinyi know or participate in

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Original title: Ruixing Shareholders’ General Meeting Recalls Chairman Lu Zhengyao, All Directors Related to Performance Fraud are Out Oriental Fortune network Original title: Ruixing Shareholders’ General Meeting Recalls Chairman Lu Zhengyao On July 6th, Nandu reporters learned that at the special shareholders’ general meeting just concluded by Ruixing Coffee, the meeting voted to dismiss the duties of chairman and director

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Original Title: Internet Coffee Faces New Test Compared with Rui Xing, who quickly “run the horse enclosure” with the capital heat wave, Lian Coffee has always adhered to the development idea of ​​”trotting and walking slowly”. But the same coffee chain brands under the Internet model, the two ultimately ended in the same direction: Ruixing Coffee ushered in a crisis

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Sina Technology Zhang Jun On the night before the board meeting on July 2, Ruixing Coffee issued an announcement disclosing the findings of the special committee of the board’s investigation into the fraud. The announcement clearly pointed out that, in addition to former CEO Qian Zhiya and former COO Liu Jian, Ruixing Coffee Chairman Lu Zhengyao participated in the fraud

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Original title: On the collapse of Ruixing’s lies Source: Securities Times I heard that Ruixing Coffee, which is listed on the US stock market, was officially delisted. I heard that I haven’t seen it in person. However, I have seen the lucky luck of the scenery, the myth of 18 months after the establishment of the IPO, but the final

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Source: Sohu Finance As of press time, Lucky Coffee (LKNCY.US) plunged 30.07% at the opening to $0.965. From establishment to listing on the NASDAQ, Ruixing Coffee took only 18 months to set the world record for the fastest listing. Today, the listing has been hurriedly delisted after 13 months, and the speed is equally amazing. On the evening of June

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In the evening of June 26 in Beijing, Ruixing Coffee suddenly issued an announcement that it would withdraw the request to hold a hearing, and said that it had received notice from the Nasdaq office that it would be officially suspended from trading on June 29, and will be delisted. . Prior to this, Ruixing had received Nasdaq’s delisting notice

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recently, Ruixing Coffee According to a statement, Ruixing will be on June 29 Nasdaq Suspension of trading and filing for delisting. From “National Light” to financial fraud, after several months of struggle, Ruixing Coffee’s delisting is a foregone conclusion What did it go through in the middle? Ruixing Coffee is currently the largest coffee chain brand in China, having previously

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Original title: 4 frauds over 6 years! Zhangzidao “Where did the scallop go”? Source: Financial industry website Beidou: Scallop scallop, please answer it when you hear it. Scallop: Beidou Beidou, received, received! On the last trading day before the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued a heavy penalty decision, the goal was to stage the “scallop

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In the next step, “Sui Xing is really self-inflicted and can’t live”. Several industry experts conducted in-depth analysis, which means that the delisting is a foregone conclusion and no longer a defense. It also means that there is fraud by default. This is an inevitable under the rules. As a result, Ruixing no longer appealed, and the process of delisting

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Original title: Ruixing is about to delist, but things will not end so easily Source: Parent Fund Research Center Ruixing Coffee took 17 months from establishment to IPO, and from listing to delisting, faster. According to foreign media reports, Ruixing Coffee said in a document submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Friday that the company will

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Source: e company official micro Author: Li Manning, Cao Chen, Li Xuefeng Abstract: Ruixing Coffee’s delisting is about to enter the countdown, but the consequences of the company’s alleged financial fraud are far from over. Early in the morning on June 27, Ruixing Coffee issued an official statement that it will be suspended from NASDAQ on June 29 and will

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