On August 6, U.S. time, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s official website released the “Report on Protecting U.S. Investors from Major Risks in Chinese Companies”, which put forward 5 audit recommendations for Chinese companies listed in the United States. These include raising the listing threshold for Chinese companies planning to go public in the United States, and requiring Chinese […]

(Source: Photograph Network) Author|Ray Xiansen Source|Ray Xiansen (ID: RayZhang1993) Ray Xiansen says Listed in 18 months and delisted in 13 months. I don’t know much about the game of capital, and I don’t have the opportunity to experience it for myself. From the fastest listing to delisting suspension, what lessons can we learn from Ruixing’s failure? I also hope that

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Original title: Ruixing Coffee rose nearly 60% in the OTC market intraday Source: Tencent Securities Tencent Securities, July 1st, Ruixing coffee off-site market is now up 60%, the previous trading day, Ruixing Coffee (LKNCY.US), which traded off-site on the first day, closed up 11.59% to $1.54. On April 2, 2019, Rising Coffee Announced that Chief Operating Officer Liu Jian and

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After much trouble, Ruixing finally delisted. On June 17, because Luckin still failed to submit last year’s annual report, Nasdaq issued a delisting notice again. This time, Luckin “gave up resistance” and withdrew the request for hearing. Staged. The people who eat melons are fascinated by the drama, but the investors are very tired. After the delisting news was confirmed,

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June 29, Ruixing Coffee Formally withdrawn from the market, this “farce” that began at the beginning of the year will also end. Corresponding to this, the data obtained by the media through the Tianyan check shows that since 2020, Ruixing Coffee has only added 186 companies, an increase of -80.6% over the same period last year. This also means that

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On June 29, Ruixing Coffee was officially suspended from NASDAQ and delisted for the record. What impact will the delisting have on Ruixing’s business operations? On the 29th, CCTV financial reporters visited many stores of Ruixing Coffee in Beijing. The reporter searched the store with Ruixing App near Beijing International Trade and found that a tea shop located in SOHO,

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CCTV Beijing, June 29 (Reporter Liu Baixuan) According to the report of the Central Broadcasting and Television Economic Voice “World Finance and Economics”, attention has been paid to financial fraud Ruixing Coffee 29th in the United States Nasdaq Suspension of trading, entering the delisting countdown. From the establishment of the company to the initial public offering IPO, Ruixing Coffee took

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Source: Sohu Finance As of press time, Lucky Coffee (LKNCY.US) plunged 30.07% at the opening to $0.965. From establishment to listing on the NASDAQ, Ruixing Coffee took only 18 months to set the world record for the fastest listing. Today, the listing has been hurriedly delisted after 13 months, and the speed is equally amazing. On the evening of June

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Original title: One article to understand Rui Xing’s delisting today: You can still use a 38% discount coupon, store or name change, and the maximum sentence is 25 years in prison Source: IT Times What knocked down Ruixing was an anonymous short report on Ruixing published by Muddy Water. After experiencing the indispensable denial and reversal of the storyline, on

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In the evening of June 26 in Beijing, Ruixing Coffee suddenly issued an announcement that it would withdraw the request to hold a hearing, and said that it had received notice from the Nasdaq office that it would be officially suspended from trading on June 29, and will be delisted. . Prior to this, Ruixing had received Nasdaq’s delisting notice

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recently, Ruixing Coffee According to a statement, Ruixing will be on June 29 Nasdaq Suspension of trading and filing for delisting. From “National Light” to financial fraud, after several months of struggle, Ruixing Coffee’s delisting is a foregone conclusion What did it go through in the middle? Ruixing Coffee is currently the largest coffee chain brand in China, having previously

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Welcome to follow the WeChat subscription number of “Chuang Shi Ji”: sinachuangshiji Text / Chen Dengxin Source/Zinc scale (ID: znkedu) On June 29, 2020, Ruixing Coffee was officially suspended from NASDAQ and filed for delisting. On the last trading day before the suspension, the stock price plummeted and accompanied by six meltdowns, and finally closed at $1.38, a drop of

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(Text/Observer Network Yiming) June 29, Ruixing Coffee (NASDAQ: LK) suspension of trading on Nasdaq and delisting. Prior to the opening of U.S. stocks on June 26, Ruixing Coffee issued an announcement that it would cancel the previous hearing application and no longer try to overturn the NASDAQ decision to delist Ruixing. At present, it has received a notice from the

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Those who have been “struggling” and are unwilling to delist Ruixing Coffee , And finally gave up “struggling.” June 27, Ruixing Coffee Official Weibo A statement was issued on June 29 at Nasdaq Suspension of trading and filing for delisting. Prior to this, Ruixing Coffee received the NASDAQ delisting notice twice within 33 days. As of the close of June

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Struggling for 2 months Ruixing Coffee , And finally chose to surrender. On June 27, Ruixing Coffee (NASDAQ:LK) issued an announcement that Ruixing Coffee Company will be on June 29th. Nasdaq Suspension of trading and filing for delisting. This also means that there is not much time for investors to exit. According to regulations, Ruo Ruixing Coffee will be delisted

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Even though Ruixing Coffee will be delisted on June 29, its story is far from over, and internal control of Ruixing Coffee is still in contention. Judging from the current situation, Ruixing is mainly divided into two groups, one is headed by Lu Zhengyao, and the other is centered on a special committee. It is still promoting the investigation of

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In the next step, “Sui Xing is really self-inflicted and can’t live”. Several industry experts conducted in-depth analysis, which means that the delisting is a foregone conclusion and no longer a defense. It also means that there is fraud by default. This is an inevitable under the rules. As a result, Ruixing no longer appealed, and the process of delisting

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Original title: Ruixing is about to delist, but things will not end so easily Source: Parent Fund Research Center Ruixing Coffee took 17 months from establishment to IPO, and from listing to delisting, faster. According to foreign media reports, Ruixing Coffee said in a document submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Friday that the company will

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