Original title: Reprint Rui Xing ? “Killing Whale” shorted 100 billion dairy giants, and the stock price plummeted after a sharp fall! The company strongly denied the allegations, saying it would respond further Early trading on July 8, once short Anta Sports , Samsonite Blue Orca Capital, a short-selling agency known as the “killer whale,” released a 1686.HK )’S short […]

(Source: Photograph Network) Author|Ray Xiansen Source|Ray Xiansen (ID: RayZhang1993) Ray Xiansen says Listed in 18 months and delisted in 13 months. I don’t know much about the game of capital, and I don’t have the opportunity to experience it for myself. From the fastest listing to delisting suspension, what lessons can we learn from Ruixing’s failure? I also hope that

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Original title: On the collapse of Ruixing’s lies Source: Securities Times I heard that Ruixing Coffee, which is listed on the US stock market, was officially delisted. I heard that I haven’t seen it in person. However, I have seen the lucky luck of the scenery, the myth of 18 months after the establishment of the IPO, but the final

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Original title: Liu Erhai’s Gamble Ruixing Coffee Behind, Joy Capital is no longer “pleasure” On June 23, Ruixing Coffee, which had set the record for the fastest listing of Internet companies, received the delisting notice for the Nasdaq Exchange for the second time. This also means that on June 29, Ruixing Coffee will be officially delisted. At the same time,

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Original title: Rui Xing ignites the fuse, the brother company Shenzhou car rental welcomes the big change! Source: Liu Kuang On the morning of June 1, Shenzhou Car Rental Co., Ltd. (Shenzhou Car Rental, 00699.HK) announced that the board of directors had been informed by the major shareholder, Shenzhou UCAR, that China UCAR had contacted Beijing Automobile Group Co., Ltd.

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Original title: On the eve of the storm, the famous host Zeng Zimo’s husband fled precisely. Source: Purple Finance Husband and wife were originally birds of the same forest, and it was difficult for them to fly separately. The relationship between investors and entrepreneurs is obviously far from being comparable to the relationship between husband and wife, so when the

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Article 丨 Chen Zhiyan The fastest ever listed Ruixing Coffee Or it will become the fastest stock delisting. More than 40 days after the disclosure of financial fraud, on the evening of May 19th, Ruixing Coffee issued a statement saying that it received a delisting notice from the Nasdaq Exchange and plans to request a hearing on this. Continue to

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Editor / Futu News Bob Futu News May 21st news, after yesterday’s plunge 36%, Ruixing Coffee fell again before the market today, and now fell 3.9% to $ 2.71. The Nasdaq Exchange previously issued a notice to Ruixing Coffee that it must be delisted. Ruixing also quickly responded to this, saying it planned to hold a hearing. According to media

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Original title: CEO and COO have been suspended in succession, and the major shareholders of the organization have cleared their positions. Can Ruixing still survive? Source: Jiang Han’s Vision On May 12th, Ruixing Coffee announced the adjustment of the board of directors and senior management late at night. CEO Qian Zhiya and COO Liu Jian were suspended and resigned from

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Zhitong Finance APP was informed that on May 11, according to the latest 13G shareholding disclosure document submitted by Ruixing Coffee (LK.US) to the SEC, it had previously been clearing the position of the investment fund Captial Research Global Investor (CRGI) of Ruixing Coffee. All shares of Ruixing. The document shows that Captial Research Global Investor (CRGI), one of Ruixing’s

Capital Research Global Investor, one of the major shareholders, cleared all shares of Ruixing (LK.US), which previously held 9.2% of the shares >> Read More

Original title: Cleaning up the “mouse shit” in the capital market requires a powerful vacuum cleaner Recently, the China Securities Regulatory Commission once again responded to the media regarding Ruixing’s financial fraud: willing to strengthen cooperation with overseas securities regulatory agencies to jointly combat cross-border violations of laws and regulations, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors in

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Lu Zhengyao’s circle of friends: the “Golden Triangle” of ChinaLu Zhengyao, the chairman of Ruixing Coffee, has two other listed companies-Shenzhou Car Rental listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shenzhou UCAR listed on the New Third Board. These three listed companies, Lu Zhengyao are major shareholders. And Li Hui, Liu Erhai, and the big cymbals and happy capital

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Niu Wenxin, Chief Commentator, China Economic Weekly At present, external risks are greater than internal risks, and macro risks are greater than micro risks. This is an important judgment made by the Finance Committee of the State Council on the Chinese economy at the 26th meeting on April 15. “In such a situation, the key is to increase the strength

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Original title: “Rui Xing’s fraud” can be criticized rationally, and “conspiracy theory” can be put to rest! Source: Cai Shi Media Since the “self-exposure” huge amount of data was falsified on April 2, this matter has been fermenting continuously. First, a large number of institutional investors that affected Ruixing, and then many “Chinese stocks” listed in the US; the attitude

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Original title: In the case of Ruixing, how should investors such as Joy Capital and Dazheng Capital reflect? Source: Network After Ruixing Coffee exposed its financial fraud on April 2nd, Beijing Capital April 3rd, Joy Capital responded to Ruixing Coffee in a letter to its partners. In response, Yueyue Capital was very surprised to hear about this matter, and everyone’s

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◎ Chigu Trend (ID: zgtrend) | Chaoyang That blood-washed Ruixing’s short report was not actually made by muddy water. Under the name of Muddy Water Company, there is a trader who “understands Chinese companies better”: Xuehu Capital. The people who eat melons only saw the dazzling skills of the bears digging their roots, precision strikes, and large sums of gold,

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Original title: “Money Burning” End Source: China Securities Journal · China Securities Network Ruixing Coffee’s financial fraud is still fermenting. On April 11, Su Shimin, founder and CEO of Blackstone Group, was asked how to view the credibility crisis caused by the false data report when he participated in the online conversation: “Enterprise valuation will fluctuate, but the model behind

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Original title: Unveiling Ruixing’s “Iron Triangle”: The tried-and-true “flow + brand + capital” combination Source: Tencent News Since its birth, it has been carefully designed to VC new species. It has been established for 18 months to achieve IPO listing, with a market value of up to 8.5 billion US dollars, creating the myth of capital creation in the shortest

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