Yu Minhong talks about Ruixing incident: there must be zero tolerance, a rat shit will break a pot of porridge

Committee member Yu Minhong believes that online education will undergo a round of mergers and acquisitions, which will result in 5 to 10 billion-scale companies. New Oriental will not take advantage of the fire and will not consider returning to A for the time being, but the market “should have zero tolerance for counterfeiting like Ruixing.”
Dialogue | He Zhenhong, President of “China Entrepreneur” Magazine
Text | Journalist of Chinese Entrepreneurs Zhao Dongshan
Commissioner Yu Minhong is simply a “model” for the new media reports of the two sessions.
As a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Yu Minhong, founder and chairman of New Oriental, in addition to updating the “Diary of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference” on the WeChat public account every day, he also frantically played a live broadcast. On the bus from the CPPCC station to the Great Hall of the People, Yu Minhong took out his mobile phone to live broadcast the scenery along the way. During the live broadcast, he solicited comments and suggestions from netizens and quickly received thousands of emails.
Yu Minhong is willing to try novel technology and apply it to urban and rural educational resources, government and enterprise communication, and information communication with the public.
On the evening of May 23, Commissioner Yu Minhong connected to the online interview room of the video dialogue program of the “Two Entrepreneurs” magazine of the “China Entrepreneur” magazine and launched a wonderful dialogue with He Zhenhong, the president of the “China Entrepreneur” magazine.
Speaking of live broadcasting, Yu Minhong said, “It’s quite fun. This is a new way of communication. I will try this kind of platform. I also like to use this platform to communicate with everyone.” But he said that he would not sell lessons on the live broadcast platform because of poor continuity.
Speaking of online education, Yu Minhong said, “The epidemic required teachers and students to have three to five years of online education that they were familiar with, but it took less than a month to become familiar.” In addition, the wisdom of public schools The campus also landed at least 3 to 5 years earlier. He believes that future education will be presented in the form of OMO (online and offline integration).
Regarding the fraud incident of Ruixing Coffee, he was very angry. “This is a major blow to the integrity and credibility of China General Stock in the world market, and it cannot be tolerated against such a company.” Although the Chinese stock market is affected, Yu Minhong said that he will not consider returning to the country for the time being, but no matter which board is listed, he always controls the two most important points: the first is integrity, and the second is continuous development.
Speaking of the relationship between government and enterprises, Yu Minhong said that private enterprises played a major role in the fight against the epidemic. “Private enterprises are like human cells. Only if these cells are active and healthy, the entire body will be active and healthy.” However, During the implementation of a good government policy of tax reduction and fee reduction, it is necessary to prevent local governments from transferring fiscal pressure to small and medium-sized enterprises and turning them into tax collection.
The following is the actual record of the dialogue between Commissioner Yu Minhong and He Zhenhong in “He Wen Xi Dong · Connecting the Two Sessions”:
Private enterprises are like human cells
He Zhenhong: After listening to the government work report yesterday, you wrote a diary of the CPPCC with the headline “Stay Green, Win the Future”, and you said in the article that there were almost tears at the time. Can you share with us when you listen to the report? Feeling?
Yu Minhong: The first feeling is dignity, because the situation facing the whole of China is indeed not good, one is the epidemic and the economic recovery after the epidemic, and the second is that the development of the international epidemic leads to the future direction of the international situation and the uncertainty of the international cooperation relationship. There are many sexes, so I can feel that the central government is seriously thinking about where China will go in the face of such a situation in the future, and it also expresses its determination to work hard to overcome the difficulties and move towards the future. I still feel very touched.
The phrase “Stay on the green hill and win the future” was actually said by Premier Li Keqiang after a series of policies such as tax reduction and fee reduction. After calling on the people of the whole country to unite and overcome the difficulties at hand, we are of the same destiny. On the same boat, a very tragic feeling.
He Zhenhong: From this statement, do you think there is still some change in the relationship between government and enterprises? It turns out that the general secretary mentioned “pro” and “clear” political and business relations. Are we one step closer today? Do we have a feeling of interdependence in difficult times ?
Yu Minhong: In fact, it was originally a community of destiny. The prosperity and development of the country is the result of the joint efforts of the government and the people. The epidemic has brought many difficulties to China. In the face of such difficulties, we must unite and use all strength to find a direction to work together. In this sense, the epidemic situation itself is a very good opportunity for the government to integrate with private forces, and may gradually explore some institutional products.
On the one hand, the country