On the eve of the storm, the famous host Zeng Zimo’s husband fled precisely.

Original title: On the eve of the storm, the famous host Zeng Zimo’s husband fled precisely. Source: Purple Finance
Husband and wife were originally birds of the same forest, and it was difficult for them to fly separately. The relationship between investors and entrepreneurs is obviously far from being comparable to the relationship between husband and wife, so when the crisis breaks out, everyone will be dispersed, and it will undoubtedly be faster, more determined, and more ruthless.
Relevant data from Tianyancha showed that before going public, Ruixing Coffee had raised three rounds of financing, totaling $ 550 million. Li Hui’s Dazheng Capital, Liu Erhai’s Joy Capital and Lu Zhengyao are recognized as the Iron Triangle.
As we all know, Joy Capital has invested in Mobike, Land Rover, Eggshell Apartments, Weilai Automobile and other projects. It is famous for its boldness and fierceness. Dazheng Capital ’s reputation seems to be weaker. However, when it comes to the famous TV host Zeng Zi Mo, I am afraid that few people do n’t know, and Li Hui, the head of Dazheng Capital, is Zeng Zimo ’s husband. He served as Goldman Sachs (Asia) as an executive director, Morgan Stanley Asia Co., Ltd. Vice President, Warburg Investment Asia Pacific The position of president and others is a veritable capital predator.
The relationship between the three has a long history. Before going it alone, both Liu Erhai and Li Hui had invested in Lu Zhengyao’s Shenzhou car rental or other projects. After Lu Zhengyao made Ruixing Coffee, Joy Capital and Dazheng Capital were as good as Lu Zhengyao. Except for the BlackRock special session, the two investment institutions have been following Lu Zhengyao’s pace in depth.
This is no wonder. Lu Zhengyao has repeatedly verified his model. After the Shenzhou car rental landed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Fujianese made the other two parties in the Iron Triangle at that time-Lenovo and Hertz, all earning a lot.
Lu Zhengyao’s glorious history made Ruixing become a yummy snack when raising funds. Many investors once said that they can’t get into the game without breaking their heads. Only members of Lu Zhengyao’s circle of friends can get a slice of the soup.
According to the prospectus, prior to the IPO of Ruixing, Lu Zhengyao, Qian Zhiya, Dazheng Capital, and Yuyue Capital held the positions of the top four shareholders with 30.53%, 19.68%, 11.9%, and 6.75% shares respectively. Therefore, the outside world has unanimously recognized that the three are the iron triangle of the Ruixing Capital Bureau elaborately designed by Lu Zhengyao.
It can be seen from the post-investment estimates that the shares of Dazheng Capital and Joy Capital are very high, but the actual chips paid are very limited, which is a bit confusing: Is the Triangle contributing real gold and silver, Or is it helping to drive up Ruixing’s valuation?
However, true friends are not drunk. In January 2020, when Ruixing issued additional shares, Dazheng Capital took the lead in retreating and cashed out US $ 200 million. This campaign basically recovered all the investment. This is only two miles away from the short-selling report that later triggered the Ruixing earthquake. In Zhou Zhou’s time, did Li Hui smell a dangerous breath ahead of time based on his rich experience in international investment banking, or did someone escape the news and report precisely? I wonder if the ongoing investigation by the Chinese and US regulators can give an explanation? In any case, Lu Zhengyao’s proud Iron Triangle died at that time.
After the financial fraud scandal, when Lu Zhengyao needed the most support, we seemed to only see Liu Erhai stand up in solidarity with his “old friends.” In sharp contrast, Li Hui not only did not have any voice, but ran faster. As of May 22, Dazheng Capital has completely disappeared from the list of the top ten institutions.
Some people say that Dazheng Capital makes a net profit of 380 million US dollars. In this way, Li Hui is the biggest winner of Ruixing, and it is likely to be its only winner. But can his character hold up? Lu Zhengyao seems to have the most say. (Some pictures come from the Internet)